New Production Schedule for 14pt spot UV. We will print these orders every Wednesday only and ship by the following Monday or earlier.

What type of printing is used?

All products except banners are done using a gang run procedure on offset presses including jobs of 200 and 500 quantities. This is possible due to our highly efficient workflow and job volume. Banner jobs are not offset

What line screen are my jobs printed at?

200 lpi

How long does it take to start printing?

Printing may start as early as a few hours. Graphx By Ashanti has full discretion in scheduling and makes sure all jobs are completed within stated turnaround times.

How do I calculate turnaround time?

There are two components to turnaround time. First is production time. This is the time to manufacture your job. The second component is transit time. This is the time for the product to reach you. Transit time varies on shipping method used. Both production time and transit time never include weekends or holidays. The day of ordering is not counted as the first day. I.e. Ordering Monday before cut-off with a 2 day turnaround time means the job will be ready to ship on Wednesday (Tuesday = Day 1 of Production, Wednesday = Day 2 of production).

What is your time-cut?

3:00 p.m. Est time is the daily time cut.

What carrier does Graphx By Ashanti use to ship with?

All shipments are sent via Fedex or UPS.

Where do you ship to?

Graphx By Ashanti ships to all 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and Canada please e-mail for details